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Simple data visualizations¬†that can be putting money in your bank accounts RIGHT NOW…You just need the data collected in one place and the reports emailed to you weekly so you can take action on it.

Serpstat is a software as a service company based in Odessa, Ukraine. It was founded by Oleg Salamaha in 2013 as an internal service for the digital marketing agency Netpeak, which became its main investor. In March 2015 Serpstat became an independent company.

Analytics data for Google: US, UK, BG, CA, AU, DE, LT, LV, FR, ES, IT, ZA, NL
Search Analytics: 300 queries per day & 100 results per report
Missing keywords included
API: 1,000 rows per month & 1 request per second
Position Tracking: 100 tracked keywords on a daily basis; 10 domains to track in Projects
Backlink Analysis: 100 queries per day, 100 results per report
20,000 pages to audit
Keyword Clustering and Text Analytics: 100 keywords

How It works with Star Social Media

Instantly create stunning data visualizations with your Serpstat data. Proactively manage and monitor the performance of your digital marketing efforts. Impress your team or management with professional, templated or custom cross-channel branded marketing reports. In just a few clicks, your Serpstat data is readily available for use across your Star SM account and associated projects.

Feature Rich Services:

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End your marketing mayhem today. Get all your data in one place at an unbeatable price.

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Jeffery Newton is a web and social media specialist, consultant, and coach. He trains business owners how to appropriately and ethically build their business through SEO optimized content, SEO strategies, social media tools and traditional marketing.

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