Thursday, February 1, 2024

One Platform For Your Companies Digital Marketing Data
Automagically Created Weekly Reports

Integrations with over 29 platforms to monitor & report your digital marketing success! Reports sent weekly to your email.



How does Star Social Media work for me?

We provide you with 29+ integrations (more coming) that covers cross channel monitoring & reporting for your digital marketing

1. All your data in one place

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or you handle the marketing for your company, Star SM has you covered. Simplify your life and take your time back by ending your marketing data mayhem today. Get all your data, integrations, dashboards & reporting into one place then sit back and let Star Social Media do the heavy lifting.

2. Instantly integrated

Instantly integrated Star Social Media integrates your marketing data into one simple platform. Making it easy to visualise, optimise and automate reporting on key performance areas across clients, digital platforms and campaigns. We collate your marketing data to provide always-on, cross-channel marketing intelligence

3. Marketing reporting... automated email reports weekly

We automatically create and email you stunning custom cross-channel marketing reports from your connected data. Our expert team builds you custom weekly reports to the highest industry standards giving you solid information to act on. Star SM will automatically handle your reporting weekly, monthly, or annually after a quick and easy once-off setup.

The last marketing platform you will need

Unlimited scalability for seamless management, whether you manage 1 website with 5 marketing channels, or 50 websites with 500 channels.

Instantly share up-to-date reports and dashboards with your company and teams without the need to log in.

Save time with our custom templates and reports that we instantly deploy to you in weekly email reports.

Combined real-time marketing insight across web & marketing platforms

We collate your marketing data to provide always-on, cross-channel marketing intelligence. We create comprehensive, intuitive dashboards using your connected data to share with your team and customers. Let our data experts assist you in designing and building your ideal digital marketing hub.



Simply put: Star Social Media makes reporting a breeze! Absolutely no number crunching needed for all of their integrations to work - just a short on-boarding process to get set up! Thank you Star SM, for an incredible premium - yet affordable reporting software!

Lorine Geribo

CEO @smart

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