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What is Twitter?

Everyone lately has been asking, what's Twitter? Well the answer is somewhat difficult to provide because it's so many different uses.

Twitter Explained

How to Know if Someone Has Unfollowed You on Twitter

Did you know...... that Lady Gaga, the most followed Twitter celebrity has nearly 33 million followers. In fact, the number of followers that she gains is faster than the number of Twitter accounts added.You tweet after every five minutes, your tweets are driving people to the brink of insanity, your avatar still features the Twitter "egg", you are a tweet stealer (Read: people who mercilessly flood the page by "retweeting") or a mass murderer, whatever be the reason, there are some people that are bound to unfollow you on Twitter. While Twitter is a great platform to build a social...

Here is the basic gist and the answer to the question. what's Twitter? Twitter is a short message service or SMS where people from around the world type in explanations for what they're doing at the moment. These statuses are known as “tweets”. Have to be 140 characters or less. People can post funny tweets or anything about what they're doing. Twitter also allows you the chance to read other people’s tweets by becoming a “follower”. Of friends, random people. Celebrities. You can also send messages to people and edit your profile page by adding a photo and a short biography.


In 2006 the podcast company Odeo was having a board meeting but didn't have any creative ideas. So the people were put into groups to brainstorm some ideas. One of the groups did just that and came up with a way to inform friends on what you were doing using SMS. It was originally called Status. The name was changed to Twitter after a namestorming session. Jack Dorsey was the main creative mind behind the idea and began working on the site and posted the first message: “just setting up my twttr”. It didn't become extremely popular until the 2007 South by Southwest festival. Giant monitors were constantly streaming tweets and daily usage tripled. The festival created a lot of buzz for the new service and answered many people’s question of what's Twitter?

Personal Uses

Millions of people now have Twitter accounts and the number of users is growing all the time. Most of these people enjoy being able to know what their friends and family members are doing. People also get the chance to share interesting sites and funny things through their tweets. Some people also use Twitter to get updates on their favorite bands or actors as many famous people use Twitter to keep their fans up to date.

Marketing Uses

Many companies wonder what's Twitter good for and how can they utilize this up-and-coming service. The possibilities of Twitter as a marketing tool are endless. Companies have been creating Twitter accounts lately to provide information on new products and services to customers. These tweets also provide a link that can be a key element to get new customers to check out their website. This is very useful to get people interested in their site as well as gain traffic. Everyday, Twitter is becoming more mainstream. The more popular this unique service gets, the more infiltrated it'll become with companies spreading their marketing messages.

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