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Top Ten Tips For Email Open Rates

by Jeff Newton

Improving the email open rates of your existing list is pretty high on the list of best ways to increase your bottom line easily. It’s much easier to market to a person who's done business with you than to gain a new customer. Requires not nearly as much work as you might think. With an industry average of around 27.4 percent, it’s vital to have an understanding of your open rates. Just how you can improve upon them.

So without further fanfare, here’s our down and dirty 10 best tips for boosting your email open rates.

  1. Create something worth reading – No doubt, the simplest way to get your email opened is to write something your email list can’t wait to read more of.
  2. Don’t’ write War and Peace – No one has enough time in their day. Long emails that meander and don’t deliver on the subject line are one way to keep them from opening again. Also, you’ll want to make use of optimum sending times.
  3. Use your subject line wisely – This is the single biggest element that effects whether or not your email gets opened. Take the time to craft great, non-spammy subject lines.
  4. Make good use of your first line – Just like the preceding, the first line of your email, often populated with something like, “If you don’t see any images in this message…” is visible in their inbox. This also is valuable space. Don’t waste it!
  5. Address their needs and concerns – Solve problems and provide solutions.
  6. Offer great deals and savings – Everyone likes to save a little and your email is a wonderful platform to pass on any deals or specials your business is offering.
  7. Be the authority – We always have something to learn. If you can position yourself as somebody who's something useful for your readers, your open rates will flourish.
  8. Be entertaining – Don’t be StatMan. Don’t be scared to inject humour, wit. A bit of controversy on occasion.
  9. Is your “From” line recognisable? – Make sure this is the person or company you want to brand, as this builds trust over time.
  10. Be sure and resend your unopened email – Quite simple to do, resending your unopened email is a simple method to improve your open rates.
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