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Top 5 Alternatives to Skype

Birth of VoIP

A little-known Israeli company, Vocaltec, is credited with starting VoIP services, way back in February 1995. Their product, InternetPhone, allowed users to chat with each other over the Internet.As of August ’13, Skype boasts of hosting about 70 million active users at the same time. The VoIP giant has made rapid strides towards becoming the undisputed champion of the world of Internet telephony. After being acquired by Microsoft on 10 May 2011. A whopping USD 8.5 billion, Skype has made steady progress. Now finds its way even onto televisions, gaming devices. Mobile phones. One of its biggest advantages has been the fact that this service is free (PC to PC). Has cheap calling rates for calls to mobiles or landlines across the world. However, Skype is known to have its fair share of problems as well.

Although it claims to be highly secure, there have been privacy concerns about the calls made via Skype. Also, there have been complaints about the quality of the calls taking a serious beating, especially during peak hours. Another major problem with the service is that the application itself can be quite a resource hogger. Can take forever to startup. These problems have paved the way for a lot of other communication services that claim to provide a better calling experience. Here’s a look at the top 5 alternatives to Skype, available in the market today.


Viber Media, Inc

Platforms – Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS, Series 40, Symbian, Bada, Windows Phone

Website –. ViberEver since its launch in 2010, Viber has been a very popular alternative to Skype. It's extremely lite. Is quite snappy to load. Viber is a perfect marriage of instant messaging and VoIP. It now features some really cool emoticons and ‘stickers’. The fact that it supports so many different platforms, makes it a must-have for anyone who'd like to keep in touch with distant friends and family. It enables you to have a group chat with up to 40 of your friends. Video calling is also supported, along with HD audio.

What to Do When Google Won’t Work on Your Computer
Malware Blocks Google

?As far as search engines go, Google is probably the most reliable, offering a superb range of results from web sites to images, news items to video clips and even price comparison – it’s one of those websites that we find it hard to ignore.

It can be used to find people, find maps of places and even help you to find the solution to various problems that you might encounter… if it’s working, that is.

Bizarre as it might seem, there is a situation that occurs from time to time for people around the world...

Google Hangouts

Google Inc.

Platforms –. Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

Website –. HangoutsReleased as a replacement for Google Talk, Hangouts has become quite a hit with people across all age groups. It's completely integrated into Gmail. You need not install a separate application on your computer (although it currently needs an additional plug-in to be downloaded). The application now allows you to have video conferencing with up to 10 contacts. It also enables you to share photos and emoji with your friends. It lets you make phone calls to landlines or mobiles at real low rates, while calls to the US and Canada are free. You can also choose to share videos. Stream them live, with your friends on Hangouts.


Softroute Corporation

How Does a Web Conferencing Software Work?
Conferencing, as we all know, is a kind of interaction conducted to share information, plan, suggest, reason, put counter-arguments and reach conclusive decisions. It always has a motive and is done with a purpose but due to the new trend of globalization, members of the business group are miles apart. They still need to interact and every time coming together and having a face-to-face conference is financially not viable therefore there has to be a medium of communication that would help them to converse and discuss matters.

Necessity has led to invention and now each participant sits at his...

Platforms –. Windows, Android, iOS

Website –. VBuzzerVBuzzer is a unique platform which offers phone-to-phone VoIP calls in addition to the regular VoIP calls using your computer or mobile (you'd, however, need to purchase a VBuzzer phone adapter separately). You can also make free calls to your friends on VBuzzer. You can chat with your friends and family. Also send text messages using the app. VBuzzer supports video conferencing with up to 4 people. It also supports sending and receiving fax, using your unique VBuzzer number (purchased separately).


Numerl LLC

Platforms –. Windows, Android, iOS

Website –. TinychatTinychat is an online chat website that supports instant messaging, voice calls. Video calls. In addition to this, users can join one or multiple chat rooms. Each chat room can have a maximum of 12 members, who can make voice calls or video calls to each other. Users can also share their screens online. The best thing about Tinychat is the fact that you don't need a dedicated application to run it on a computer, as long as it supports Adobe Flash. With about 5 million minutes of usage every day, Tinychat claims to be one of the largest voice and chat communities on the Internet.


oovoo LLC

Platforms –. Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

Website –. ooVooooVoo users can make voice and video calls by using their computer or mobile phone with ooVoo installed. You can have a group chat with up to 12 people, though video conferencing is available only to premium customers. Users can chat with non-oovoo users by sending them an email, IM. Via social networking. You can also record a video message (up to 50 minutes for free). Send it to other users. Share it on YouTube.

In recent times, there has been a sudden rise of VoIP providers, all trying to cash in on this lucrative business. However, with the head start that Skype has, along with its reach. Humongous customer base, the others are still just catching up with this VoIP giant.


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