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Tips for Using Facebook on Your iPhone

The Social Networking Revolution

Social networking has shifted from the exclusive realm of home computers to that of mobile devices, where it fits in with the multi-tiered ?communication model perfectly. Facebook, as the relative king of the social networking world, has redefined itself and solidified its popularity among a certain cross section of people with its free iPhone application. The iPhone Facebook app brings almost every single element that's made Facebook a cultural touchstone and has modified it so it fits well with the peculiarities of the touchscreen technology. It goes without saying that even though Facebook ports the same social networking functions over to the iPhone, it doesn't work the same as when you log in on your laptop. Here are a few tips for working with Facebook on your iPhone for standard social networking.

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by Jeff Newton Marketers hunting for a way to engage and grow their reach would be well advised to consider the meteoric growth and popularity of Instagram, a free online photo sharing and social network platform acquired by Facebook in 2012. Instagram allows members users to upload, edit and share photos with other members through the Instagram website, email, and social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Foursquare and Flickr. On Instagram, you can follow other users’ photo streams, be followed back by those users, and search for friends by name or find any friends that might have previously connected to...

Facebook Settings

Your Facebook usage is actually very customizable on the iPhone, just like it's on your computer. You can adjust the Facebook Settings quite ?easily, which changes the general format of how you'll use Facebook. Start by going to the regular iPhone Settings option. In iPhone Settings you'll go to the fourth block down of options, which is for specific applications. When you select Facebook you'll be given a Facebook Settings page with a few options. The first one is Shake to Reload, which is good to turn off if you're constantly using Facebook on your iPhone while moving around on foot. If you want the Facebook Chat function to use Vibrate you can adjust that here. Push Notifications can be set here, which may be the most important feature in the Facebook Settings. Push Notifications will allow your iPhone to notify you about Facebook communications the same way it does with text messages. This is really important to turn on if you use Facebook to chat. Equally important to turn off if you don't. As to save you from constant notifications.

Facebook Photos

?One of the great features about the iPhone Facebook app is that you can take pictures on your iPhone and then upload them to Facebook almost immediately. Once you've take your picture. Several pictures, open up Facebook. Go to the Photos section of your profile and hit the “+”. Button in the upper right hand corner. Now you'll be asked to create a New Album. Once it's created you can then go into that album and hit the camera button in the upper right hand corner. Here you'll be given options to take a new photo to add to the album. Choose some that you've already taken. You can also upload screenshots to your Facebook account this way.


Most people have several hundred Facebook “friends,”. They can be really hard to navigate through on your iPhone. If there are specific people you like to visit quite often on Facebook on your iPhone you can easily create shortcuts to them on your Facebook iPhone App. When you're in Facebook on your iPhone and looking at the main nine options you can see at the bottom that you're viewing the left hand panel of two panels. If you slide the panel you're looking at to the left to reveal the right hand one you'll find a page that's built for creating shortcuts. Hit the add button in the upper left hand corner and then you'll be able to browse through your Facebook friends list. You can then choose a contact and they'll be added to your shortcuts. This is a good way of customizing the social networking on your iPhone.


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