Star Social Media | The Star Social Media Pact

The Star Social Media Pact


When you sign up for Star Mobile Marketing, you are signing up for a partnership. Before joining forces with us, we ask that each and everyone of our partners understand this relationship and commit to what we call the Star Social Media Pact.
Keeping the Star Social Media Pact means understanding and being responsible for the role you play in building success for your business.

Your Role:
Star SM Role:

Engage with Star Social Media’s processes and team of experts.
Research, create and execute campaigns in order to generate interest in your product/services.

This includes:

Communication: Interacting with our team in a timely manner to provide us with the information we need in order to execute your campaigns smoothly.

Campaign Selection: We provide you with a number of campaign options each month. It is your responsibility to select the campaigns you want executed and then we’ll take it from there.

List Maintenance: Marketing to an old list will not get you results. In order to see success, we expect you to support your list growth by adding new contacts to the lists we’re marketing to on a monthly basis. Depending on your service package, this may include adding contacts to your email/text marketing list and increasing your
social media followers.

Follow-up: Our services create interest in your business, but it is your job to capitalize on that interest and close deals. We request that you dedicate time each week to following up with prospects generated by our promotions and take control of your sales process.
This includes:

Education: Our team is dedicated to helping you expand your understanding of marketing and sales. From sales training to list growth advice, we commit to helping you execute your responsibilities listed in this pact.

Content: Our team is responsible for creating expert marketing content on your behalf. This content is created according to a specific tried and tested strategy and is optimized for results. This content is geared toward your audience and designed to engage prospects and establish trust.

Delivery: Star Social Media is responsible for delivering content to your audience on a consistent schedule. So long as you have played your part (i.e. list building activities and/or reviewing and selecting your campaigns), it is our promise that those campaigns be created and delivered on schedule.