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The Role of Twitter in Business

?Twitter is a social networking website which allows users to type a message no more than 140 characters in length about what they're doing. People may follow other users. People who aren't “following”. Each other can't see updates. The services SMS updates along with being able to keep updates private, meaning the updates won't be indexed in the search engines.


How can you Leverage Facebook Graph Search at Your Business
by Jeff Newton Facebook is at it again, and this time it’s called Facebook Graph Search. This is their endeavor to sway their search results from a keyword-based model like Google’s, to one where Facebook can employ its greatest asset, the social interplay between all its users. Still coming out, Graph Search may not be available to you yet, (still only accessible in the US, and there’s a waiting list) but it’s on its way right around the corner. And if you have a business that relies on Facebook at all, you must understand how this could benefit you. Facebook Graph search...

The main benefit to Twitter is being able to connect to your consumer audience and announce specials, sales. Other promotions. You may also be able to connect to others in related fields to expand your service base or be able to offer discounts to your customers. An example would be a web and graphic designer who finds a printing company and an internet marketing specialist. When the three of them work together, they can all offer extra business for each other.

The “tweets”. “twitters”. As they're sometimes called are short blurbs used to direct traffic to a particular URL, such as a product page, an article. A blog post. These “tweets”. Are a great source of traffic. Shouldn’t be the center of an internet marketing campaign.

It’s also a great way to see what people are talking about so one can find out about the market. See if their product or service is being discussed. Business owners can get an inside glimpse into the minds of consumers and learn about competitors, too.

Twitter provides a code for each account which may be pasted into the HTML code of a website in order to link the two together. Use this to gain followers on Twitter who find the website first. To fuel visitors to the website from Twitter.


Using Twitter may become addictive. It's very tempting to sit and refresh the page over and over to see what others are saying. Sometimes, people may find themselves posting more “tweets”. Than they should be. Losing time they should be using to focus on other tasks. Though there aren't really any direct security issues, one should consider limiting the use of the program at work. Installing an application like TweetDeck help employees so they don't have to constantly refresh the page to see who’s saying what to who and when.


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