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The Necessity of Online Reputation Management Companies

ORM – Online Reputation Management Companies


Your company’s reputation is the most significant asset and how you’re perceived online can make or break your brand. It impacts the success of your brand, quality of employees, relationship with the partners, number of the customers and targeted sales. Internet is one of the first and important source that your customers and partners refers to when looking for more information about the company and its products and services. Its basically about telling the world the good stuff and portraying the image you want for your brand.


About Reputation Management

Nothing will kill business faster than a negative story spread over the internet.

Even if it is not true, the article posted on a blog or wiki could drive potential customers away. Managing the information about your company on the web is where online reputation management can give you a serious advantage over your competition.

Initially, reputation management firms promoted themselves for their ability to make bad material about your company go away. The services have evolved over the past few years to include a more comprehensive approach to polishing your companies' image. Firms like now perform a whole series of...

Vizz Media strengthens your Brand strategies and positioning, thereby maximizing your brand name in the digital space.


Vizz Media helps you to evaluate your brand digital space by explaining the legacy of your brand, your values and your aspiration. This enables you to create the real engagement between your brand and customers. Online reputation management companies comprises of monitoring activities that have a enormous influence on media, communities and audiences that exist solely on the Internet, using online channels such as search engines, news search, blogs, discussion threads, forums, social networks and other online communication tools.


The fundamental to online reputation management is to monitor your company’s search results and how customers talk about your brand in virtual venues. To be proactive and responsive to what they're discussing about your brand. What people say online about your brand – good, bad and inaccurate – affects your reputation and makes all the difference in winning or losing customers.

Online Reputation Management

Within days of registering our new website we were contacted by large and small companies as well as individuals, who had suffered from a negative search result on Google. One caller described how his reputation was being threatened by an article written over 15 years ago which had recently reappeared in a search for his name. He is concerned that when his job performance is under review, this derogatory news item could serve as a basis for dismissal or hamper his chances for advancement.
His concerns are well founded. It has become common practice...

Here are few things that you must know in order to manage company’s reputation online –


Use your Brand Identity– Ensure that the pages on company’s website is optimized with the most important keyword phrase- its name. The frequency will give prominent visibility to your site on Google and other search engine results. It also helps to push down the negative content about your brand with the positive content that you can control.

Examine your company’s search resultsFrequently searched for your company online and constantly monitor search results, blog post, tweets, status update and other reviews.

Install an online monitoring tool – There are several tools available for the company to monitor and examine their brand name online including Google alerts.

Track your company’s social media activities- If your company has its own Facebook page or twitter account t it's really very important to keep a track of your customer posts and tweets daily, by appropriately responding in a well- defined timely manner. If you lack time to monitor your social media activity, it's always good to opt for a fee- based agency which tracks and replies to the customers query based on the specific keywords.

Create a strong and positive content about your company- You definitely won’t be able to have a control on the negative content but, you can hide it underneath the search result with the good content that you do control. 

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