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The Importance of Mobile Marketing

Following considerable research and analysis, I'm now convinced that mobile marketing isn't only the latest fad but becoming the ultimate marketing concept in the 21st century.


If you're employed in a company or working for a brand then you'll be pretty aware of the following:

How Does A Green Mobile Phone Make Me Eco Friendly?

Mobile phones are wonderful, they hold all your friends telephone numbers and details; you can order up a Pizza, use them as a map finder and browse the world around us. They have become an essential must have tool in the modern world. But there are some critical differences one must consider between a green mobile phone and a ?normal? phone.
Sad to say there is an environmental impact in owning a mobile phone, one that starts from the cradle to the grave. Mobile phones are just like other manufactured products they contain up to a 1000 components, so...

1: A humongous portion of traffic and conversion of your website originates via the use of tablets and smartphones. Furthermore, it's increasing daily.

2: The users of such gadgets are being transformed into your potential customers and sale leads because of their constant engagement and participation in their smartphones.

Recent research has established that 1 out of every 5 individual in the US browse the internet through their mobile devices. So it's time to pull up your socks and make a mobile website if you want to keep up with competitors. Believe me when I say, in the next 5 years, mobile devices will be the ultimate medium for communication.

Even with so much information, there are still companies and enterprises that have put their mobile marketing strategy on the back burner. Ignorance might be bliss on occasion but in this situation it's a big mistake!

How to Promote an iPhone App
A Drop in the Ocean

?There are hundreds of thousands of iPhone and iPad apps available in the Apple App Store. Chances are, unless your app is a highly revolutionary one then it won't stand out from the crowd by itself. So what's going to make people buy your app and thus earn you revenue (if you choose to charge for it)?

We iPhone users do our research before shelling out for an app. Reviews are read and user comments critiqued. A strong marketing campaign can help to get your app's name out there and build brand recognition amongst...

The outcome of not utilizing the medium of mobile marketing or even using it poorly will cause someone to bear the brunt.

Here are few steps to get back to into the ‘major mobile league’. Of marketing:

  • You must make sure that you customize your website for mobile device users and mobile browsers. Design a mobile friendly website. There are various tools on the Internet that help you create a mobile version of your website without having to learn any code. Most of these tools are affordable but only a few actually do a good job. You should therefore be very careful when selecting your tool.
  • Spend time learning about how Google ranks websites and some of the factors that can lead to a ranking penalty. Learn everything about responsive web designing. This will help you create a mobile friendly website that ultimately leads to success with your marketing efforts.
  • Apply extensive focus on improving the loading speed of web pages. This includes reducing the size of images and avoiding the use of flash. Slow loading pages lead to bounce rates since users will quickly move on to another site.

Mobile Marketing is the future and to be a successful business you must move with the times or be left behind!

Jason Cooper is an expert at mobile marketing and the creator of Mobile Income Elite™, a custom turnkey solution for converting and creating mobile-friendly websites in seconds. No HTML, CSS or Programming skills required.

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