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The Google – Duplicate Content Debate

Many people believe that content is king on the Internet. This is a true statement. That?s why your Internet business should strive to find ways to put content on the Internet. You can also enjoy further mileage out of content by repurposing the same content in different formats. For example, you send out articles, post to your Blog. Send out emails through your Autoresponder.

There has been a debate recently where some people believe that any duplicate content will hurt your placement in Google. They say that if each article that you send out isn't completely unique then you've no power in your Google placement and Google Quality Score will suffer. In fact, these people claim that duplicate content is defined as any content that's 2 or more identical sentences.

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Before you take this belief to heart, it's important to know that it may or may not be true. Google changes its ?rules? about content, keywords, etc. often. Just when you learn how to maximise their current system, it changes and you've to adapt.

So will duplicate content actually hurt you? Let?s forget about Google?s rules for a moment. Take a look at news sources. When a big story breaks several news stories often have the exact same headline and story details. For example, CNN and MSN both could post the same headline and details. Another example is when a press release is sent out to all media. They post the same details from the press release. This is duplicate content. Is very valid. From this perspective, duplicate content is a way of life.

So yes, you can recycle content by posting it to various websites and article directories. Don?t bog yourself down with worrying about Google. Remember, they like to change the rules all the time.

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The question is now that each time you view a website there are ads but do you really view the ad? Google is asking that question of comScore the largest online research firm in the world and finding that the answer is 54% reach viewership attention.

On Monday, comScore announced a partnership with Google, the leader in digital advertising, to help advertisers figure out who is looking at their ads in real time, while an ad campaign is going on so brands can make adjustments on the fly and perhaps engage more people to click.

The deal, which has been...

With that in mind, make sure that for your articles you submit, submit. Submit! Top Internet marketing gurus submit 2 articles per day. They made it a habit. It?s a habit that pays off big time in new subscribers and sales.

When you submit your articles to many websites and article directories you'll have ?duplicate? content all over the Internet. Don?t worry about Google because Google doesn?t pick up every single one of your articles anyway. Other search engines will pick up your articles.

Essentially, your articles will be in many different places on the web. People will still see your articles, read them. Go to your website. you'll still get credibility from the articles. There are hardly any other strategies more viral than articles so keep sending them out.


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