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The 3 Best Sites For Finding Topics On Twitter

When most people sign up for Twitter, the first questions they usually ask are, How do I find people to follow? and then, What do I talk about when Im on there?

The good thing is that both of those questions can be answered by engaging yourself into some popular topics of conversation on Twitter. When you talk about what everyone else is talking about you inevitably find a great bunch of friends to follow, who in turn are eager to follow you.

So what're the best sites for finding the hot topics of conversation? They're TweetScan, Twitter Search. HashTags.

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TweetScan ( is a very simple site which allows you to find people who are talking about what you want to talk about. You simply enter a search term. Example, yoga. It searches for the latest tweets that have the word yoga in them.

Now thats pretty broad. You may want to be more specific, lets say, beginning yoga. it'll find those two words within a single tweet. You then simply click on the tweet that interests you. You can simply follow. Respond to those tweets if you want to.

TwitterSearch ( is the official area from Twitter to search for topics of conversation. The interesting thing is that most people dont know about it. Once again, in typical Twitter fashion, the site is very basic, with a simple search box, which searches for tweets based on the topic you're looking for.

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However, one advantage to TwitterSearch is that they do have an advanced search link, which when clicked, allows you to fine tune your search for exact phrases. Other parameters such as places. This feature comes in handy when you want to find people talking about hiking for example. You'd also like to find people in your surrounding area talking about hiking. That way, you may have something more to add to the conversation.

HashTags ( is a very helpful site as well because it shows what some of the hot topics are. Allows you to search for those topics. The key difference here is that youre looking for topics designated by the hashtag, #. Whenever you see a # sign in front of a word, it's put there for the benefit of knowing that's a tweet about a certain topic.

When you search for the word scrapbook, on the other sites, it simply means that someone has mentioned the word scrapbook. May not necessarily be into the topic of scrapbooking. But when you add the hashtag. Search for #scrapbook then youll only find those who are talking about that topic.

You may think, well dont I always want to search for hashtags then? Not necessarily. Keep in mind that Twitter is growing at an alarming rate. Many, many people have no idea what hashtags even are. Dont expect everyone to be using them.

The other benefit to the HashTags site is that it'll also let you know what the hottest topics currently are on Twitter, based on the number of tweets using that tag.

Don't be shy about following people that are talking about what you like to talk about. And when you find those that have thousands of followers, you especially want to follow them. Youd be amazed at how you start getting followers to you like wildfire.

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