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UDAPP: it’s what the customer understands.

Link/Page Citation Page/Link: Page URL: HTML link: The Free Library. (2014). Retrieved Jun 26 2014 from’s+what+the+customer+understands.-a0308885159 YOUR COMPLIANCE OFFICER HAS NO DOUBT BEEN TELLING YOU all about Unfair, Deceptive de·cep·tive? adj.Deceptive or tending to deceive. de·ceptive·ness n. , or Abusive Tending to deceive; practicing abuse; prone to ill-treat by coarse, insulting words or harmful acts. Using ill treatment; injurious, improper, hurtful, offensive, reproachful. ?Acts or Practices, or UDAAP. It’s probably starting to sound like a broken record, and to marketing professionals it sounds pretty straightforward: Don’t say anything that’s not true (that would be unfair), distort the truth (deceptive), or suggest that customers do something against their interests (abusive). In other words Adv. 1. in other words – otherwise stated; “in other words, we are broke”put differently , just be straightforward when disclosing information in an ad; as long as the proper information is there, it shouldn’t be a problem….

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Deciphering the New Marketing Rules.

Link/Page Citation Page/Link: Page URL: HTML link: The Free Library. (2014). Retrieved Jun 25 2014 from Today when people are looking for answers to problems, they go online first. That’s why social media has become a critically important marketing channel. Whenever I begin a speech, I pose four questions to the audience and ask them to raise their hands if the answer to a question is “yes.” How would you respond? In your personal or professional life in the past two months, when looking for an answer to a problem or to research a product, have you: * Responded to a direct mail advertisement? * Consulted magazines, newspapers, TV or radio? * Gone to a trade show as an attendee? * Used Google or another search engine? * Electronically contacted a friend, colleague or family member (e-mail, instant message, Facebook and so forth) who responded with a Web URL…