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Posted by Jeff in Marketing

Which Mobile OS is Best For You?

Choosing the best OS is not an easy task anymore. To get the best out of your phone, you need the best operating system. I’ve made a list of reasons to pick out the best of the top three systems in use today. Depending on how you intend to use your phone, choose any one out of them. Choosing the Best Mobile OS Choosing the better OS out of the three will be based largely on what you want to do on your phone. If it’s simple texting and calling, you can pick any of the three, no issues there. For anything else, read about the qualities and shortcomings that each OS has. Symbian In 2008, Symbian held 65% of the worldwide shares in smart phones. They were the kings of the phone software world, free to do whatever they wanted. But, that was 2008. And even then they had…