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LG G Pro 2 – Rumor Roundup

Expected Release Date of the LG G Pro 2 LG is expected to release the G Pro 2 in South Korea on 13 February 2014. You can read all about the LG G Pro 2 here.LG is back with a bang. The Korean giant proved its might in 2013, finally resurrecting its dwindling fortunes in the mobile arena, with its mighty impressive smartphone, the G2. The reemergence of this giant has also seen a major paradigm shift, and suddenly, the race for the ultimate smartphone manufacturer is back for grabs. Of course, LG have a REALLY long way to go before they can pose a threat to their compatriot, Samsung. But this, in itself, is quite an accomplishment for the Korean conglomerate, considering that till just about a year ago, even the greatest LG fanatic would have agreed that the company’s tryst with mobiles was all but done. LG got…