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Posted by Jeff in Marketing

How Does A Green Mobile Phone Make Me Eco Friendly?

Mobile phones are wonderful, they hold all your friends telephone numbers and details; you can order up a Pizza, use them as a map finder and browse the world around us. They have become an essential must have tool in the modern world. But there are some critical differences one must consider between a green mobile phone and a ?normal? phone. Sad to say there is an environmental impact in owning a mobile phone, one that starts from the cradle to the grave. Mobile phones are just like other manufactured products they contain up to a 1000 components, so they can use a fair amount of resources. Some 1.2 Billion mobiles were sold in 2009, a 5% increase on the year before. If you were to talk on mobile for an hour a day, for a year; that can produce up to a tonne of CO2, which is about the…