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Posted by Jeff in Marketing

Creating a Campaign Book with PowerPoint

Creating Your Notes PowerPoint can be used for more than just presentations. Or, you can use the presentation that you created for other things, including your PR/marketing campaign book or your notes for your next talk. For example, let’s say that you are getting ready to present your self-leadership talk. You write up your presentation, add neat backgrounds and your logo, and finish with your acknowledgements. But, you still need to give the presentation you’ll need to ?create some notes for the talk. To create notes for your presentation, do the following: 1. Click on Slide Sorter View at the top of the page. 2. Go to the Slide Sorter Toolbar. 3. Click the Speaker Notes icon. 4. Type your notes. 5. Press the Close button. The speaker notes will not show up when you present your talk. And, you can print them out as either cue cards or talking…