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Call India For Free With Latest SIP And VoIP Technology

Call India For Free With Latest SIP And VoIP Technology Now, communicating with people living in remote areas is extremely simple and quick. The telecommunication science is getting improved day by day and the advancement in the telecommunication devices like telephones, mobiles has shortened the distance between people. Today, anyone can talk, chat, and make video calls to their loved ones living in other countries with the help of VoIP and SIP calls. The SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol, which is a signaling protocol defined by IETF. It is now being used widely in order to control the communication sessions like video and voice calls over Internet. The SIP calls are made to create, modify and terminate unicast (two-party) or multicast (multiparty) sessions. A session may contain single or numerous media streams. The SIP protocol can also be used for multimedia distribution, video conferencing, presence information, instant messaging, online…