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Deciphering the New Marketing Rules.

Link/Page Citation Page/Link: Page URL: HTML link: The Free Library. (2014). Retrieved Jun 25 2014 from Today when people are looking for answers to problems, they go online first. That’s why social media has become a critically important marketing channel. Whenever I begin a speech, I pose four questions to the audience and ask them to raise their hands if the answer to a question is “yes.” How would you respond? In your personal or professional life in the past two months, when looking for an answer to a problem or to research a product, have you: * Responded to a direct mail advertisement? * Consulted magazines, newspapers, TV or radio? * Gone to a trade show as an attendee? * Used Google or another search engine? * Electronically contacted a friend, colleague or family member (e-mail, instant message, Facebook and so forth) who responded with a Web URL…