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How Do You Forward Your Twitter Posts to Facebook?

Why Forward Twitter to Facebook? ?While Facebook and Twitter may be great for staying in touch with friends and keeping up to date with your interests they can also be a big drain on your time. Anything that can reduce the hassle and make it quicker and easier to post updates has to be a good thing. In this guide we answer the question “How do you forward your Twitter to Facebook?” Now instead of logging into both sites you can just fire an update out on your Twitter account and have it appear as a status update on your Facebook account, too – thereby hitting both audiences in one go. This means less typing strain, less searching for passwords and a bigger audience for your update. The process can go the other way too and if you prefer you can integrate Twitter into your Facebook account or you can…

Posted by Jeff in Marketing Announces Feedback Tab for Facebook

Pasadena, CA (PRWEB) September 1, 2010, an online platform that helps businesses engage with their customers, announced today their new “Feedback Tab” application for Facebook. This new, free application is available for any Facebook page and puts editorial control back in their owners’ hands. The easy-to-use tab interface allows page owners to quickly sort through all of their comments, respond to them accordingly, and showcase testimonials permanently. The Feedback tab also provides a better way to communicate with friends and fans. The Feedback Tab provides an easy way to keep and use the comments page owners want, unlike feedback posted as Wall messages which quickly disappear. Some of the features available to page owners who use the Feedback Tab include: •Management. Quickly share good news and “kudos” on the page and manage other types of comments more efficiently. Companies can pick the comments to use as testimonials and retain…

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Techpro Security Products Leads its Security Camera King Site into the Social Media Age

Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) March 25, 2013 Security Camera King recently revisited their Social Media strategy and decided it was time to give their Facebook page a fresh, new look. The new Facebook page is custom made and includes iFrame applications. The security company now posts a variety of informational, persuasive and entertaining content that connects with their followers and the Social Media community at large. “Our customers love it,” says Brad Besner, President of Security Camera King. “Ever since we started posting memes, educational content, updates about our products and videos on our Facebook page, we’ve really noticed a difference in the level of engagement.” Security Camera King posts humorous memes weekly to engage with users as well as informative articles that share tips and tricks for individuals who are interested in self defense, live alone or in unsafe areas. Catalog updates on Security Camera King products are also…

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Facebook for Business – Profiles, Pages and Groups, Oh My!

Facebook is “all the rage” at the time of this writing (March, 2011). That is mostly because most personal Facebook accounts are places where friends and acquaintances can interact and more-or-less gossip. But that is not what a Facebook business account is about. Facebook for business is different from Facebook personal accounts. For one thing, business accounts cannot send and receive “friend” requests. Instead, people can “like” your Facebook business page, which doesn’t require approval from you, so it is easier to get “likes” than get “friended.” (It requires less commitment on the “likers” part.) Facebook business accounts are harder to set up (since the advent of a new kind of coding for them began in March, 2011). They should not be treated like personal profiles. Many business people don’t understand the difference, and shoot themselves in the foot by creating their own personal profile for business use. For a…

Posted by Jeff in Marketing® Launches Interactive Facebook Application to Integrate Obituary Content into Facebook’s Latest ‘Timeline’ Business Page Template

Boston, MA & Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) March 19, 2012, the online resource for local and national obituary news, today at the 2012 ICCFA conference announced the launch of a new Facebook application designed to allow funeral homes to seamlessly integrate their obituary listings into their Facebook business pages and capitalize on the traffic and interactivity of the leading social network that now captures one in every eleven Internet visits in the U.S.* Tributes Facebook app was developed specifically for the new “Timeline Page for Business” design, scheduled to be released by Facebook on March 30th. Tributes’ Obituary application for Facebook, once easily installed on the funeral home’s Facebook page, creates a new, dedicated and customized Obituary area which will automatically highlight the funeral home’s most recently posted obituaries while also allowing integrated searching of the entirety of the funeral home’s database of historical obituaries. Tributes’ implementation, highly differentiated…

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Avon Representative Guide – How To Use Your Facebook Page To Build Your Avon Business

If you are a focused Avon representative, you will always be on the look-out to find new ways to build your business. You may know that Avon has their own Facebook Fan page, but did you know that if YOU are on Facebook, you can create your own unique following to promote your business? In this Avon representative guide, I would like to show how to use your Facebook page to build your own Avon business. There are several benefits to creating your own fan page on Facebook to build your business. For instance, you could do a product review and post it on Facebook; you could remind people when you will be collecting and delivering orders; you could promote special offers and you can let people know the dates you are free to do parties – all from the comfort of your own home! And who could possibly resist…