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Posted by Jeff in Marketing

Email Marketing – Do’s and Don’ts

Email marketing is one of the ways to drive traffic your website. Here are the important Do(s) and Don’t(s) of Email Marketing in my perspective. First comes, the Dos 1. Develop a theme for your email marketing Be clear on the purpose of your emailer. Probably, the purpose is to increase the business but, in certain cases people want business through various divisions. For example, in case of a car dealer, he may want more business through a specific model. So, be clear in your needs. 2. Next, the design and content Set up a standard for the emailer design which as header with company logo and footer with address. Use an attractive design that matches the theme of the email and simple & catchy words but it should not be too wordy. Use captions which will highlight the keywords. Short and Sweet could do more! 3. Offers/Specials Give some…