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Posted by Jeff in Marketing

15 Reasons to Have a Facebook Page

Remember how popular being in the Yellow Pages once was? It was practically impossible to have a successful business without a listing in there. Now, it’s all about Facebook Pages. That is the place your business needs to be today. Don’t believe it? Here are 15 reasons why Facebook Pages are the best way to market your business: 1. It is free. It does not cost you anything to set up a page and you control the content that you post. 2. People can “self select.” This means you do not have to do any accepting for them to see your page. They just click the “Like” button and they are part of your community. 3. No cap on how many people like your page. With a personal profile there is a cap of 5000 friends. With Facebook Pages, you can have millions of people connected to you. 4. You…