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Posted by Jeff in Marketing

How to Remove Duplicate Emails in Microsoft Outlook

Are there a lot of duplicate emails in your Inbox? If you receive, send and manage your email messages in Microsoft Outlook, you would have faced a problem of too many duplicate emails in your Inbox. Frequently you receive hundreds of duplicate email copies without any reasons. When you have to reinstall your computer and retrieving email messages by Outlook, you will receive thousands of duplicate email copies you already had. When you synchronize Outlook with your mobile devices (PDA, Palm, Windows Mobile and Smart Phone, etc.), it makes many duplicate email copies in Outlook folders. A lot of usage space was occupied by a large numbers of duplicate emails, and these duplicate messages will slow Outlook down. Microsoft Outlook doesn’t include any functions to search and delete duplicate emails in one folder or across several folders. You have to waste a lot of time to finding out duplicate emails…