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Posted by Jeff in Marketing

Barack Obama, The Economic Stimulus Bill and Your Personal Home Business Bailout

Trillions in bailout money will be given to big banks over the next several years; these are the very institutions responsible for causing this economic mess to begin with. Meanwhile, the “little guy” everywhere finds himself in a daily struggle just to survive. Where’s the bailout for the average American? Why is the little guy – the guy or gal who plays the game of life by the rules always trying to do the right things for himself, his family and community – left to struggle on his own? After all, the government’s money is your money. Shouldn’t you be given your own money to help you ease some economic pressure? Imagine this: there’s a knock at your door, you open it to find a government representative standing there – big beaming smile on his face – as he hands you a multiple zero check and says, “here you go,…