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Posted by Jeff in Marketing

How to Know if Someone Has Unfollowed You on Twitter

Did you know… … that Lady Gaga, the most followed Twitter celebrity has nearly 33 million followers. In fact, the number of followers that she gains is faster than the number of Twitter accounts added.You tweet after every five minutes, your tweets are driving people to the brink of insanity, your avatar still features the Twitter “egg”, you are a tweet stealer (Read: people who mercilessly flood the page by “retweeting”) or a mass murderer, whatever be the reason, there are some people that are bound to unfollow you on Twitter. While Twitter is a great platform to build a social circle, get exposure or just to spend some time off when waiting at the airport, it can come with its set of problems. One of them is when people unfollow you suddenly, leaving you all heartbroken and sad. Sometimes there is no reason for it and is just a…