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Posted by Jeff in Marketing Announces Feedback Tab for Facebook

Pasadena, CA (PRWEB) September 1, 2010, an online platform that helps businesses engage with their customers, announced today their new “Feedback Tab” application for Facebook. This new, free application is available for any Facebook page and puts editorial control back in their owners’ hands. The easy-to-use tab interface allows page owners to quickly sort through all of their comments, respond to them accordingly, and showcase testimonials permanently. The Feedback tab also provides a better way to communicate with friends and fans. The Feedback Tab provides an easy way to keep and use the comments page owners want, unlike feedback posted as Wall messages which quickly disappear. Some of the features available to page owners who use the Feedback Tab include: •Management. Quickly share good news and “kudos” on the page and manage other types of comments more efficiently. Companies can pick the comments to use as testimonials and retain…