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Posted by Jeff in Marketing

Web Coach Tip: 4 Quick & Easy Ways to Resurrect Your Website.

With the recent buzz about George Mason University making it to the final 4, I remembered an old acquaintance who attended GMU in the 80?s and of course ?Googled? him just to see where he landed in the scheme of life. What I found was delightful and also shocking since I?ve completely devoted myself to website marketing. This acquaintance I?ll call ?George? had successfully started up a family business in the fast growing niche industry for the affluent. Excellent! I thought, until I went to his company?s website. What I found there to be absolutely shocking! His website was very ?pretty? which is fine, BUT it was missing 3 critical and basic elements: 1. NO METHOD OF COLLECTING VISITORS EMAIL ADDRESSES. People just don?t realize how important this is. Once you get an email or physical address you can continue to market to that person forever. It?s so much easier…