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How to use social media as an advocacy tool.

Link/Page Citation Page/Link: Page URL: HTML link: The Free Library. (2014). Retrieved Jun 21 2014 from When Barack Obama ran for President in 2008, he not only used a grassroots campaign to reach out to his constituents, he also utilized social media. President Obama is often referred as the “Social Media President” because of how he used Twitter and Facebook as a means of communicating his messages. Since Obama’s run for President, other politicians and federal government officials have sought to capitalize on social media’s reach by creating their own Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts. Policymakers are engaging in social media to not only interact with their local communities, but to keep their constituents informed about upcoming meetings, speeches and visits, as well as campaign news. For example, Rep. Glenn Thompson (R-PA), co-chair of the Congressional Career and Technical Education (CTh) Caucus, made a speech about the importance of…