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Top Ten Internet Marketing and Website Promotion Predictions for 2009

Gainesville, FL (PRWEB) January 12, 2009 With business owners and executives experiencing slumping sales and tightening their belts everywhere they can, there is a pervasive and ongoing exodus of marketing dollars out of print, radio and television and into Online Marketing. Businesses of all sizes are becoming more aware of the effectiveness and high ROI of generating leads through the development of their own personal brand of web system. Top Ten Jorn and Price Internet Marketing predictions for 2009. 10. Continual Keyword Research is now more important than ever as the web marketing landscape becomes more crowded. Most companies would be wise to re-analyze their choice of keywords right now. If a company's focus or positioning has changed or if they have added new products or services, a new keyword list is in order. 9. RSS subscriptions will increase dramatically. Consumers are becoming more savvy and particular about the information…