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Posted by Jeff in Marketing

Facebook for Business – Profiles, Pages and Groups, Oh My!

Facebook is “all the rage” at the time of this writing (March, 2011). That is mostly because most personal Facebook accounts are places where friends and acquaintances can interact and more-or-less gossip. But that is not what a Facebook business account is about. Facebook for business is different from Facebook personal accounts. For one thing, business accounts cannot send and receive “friend” requests. Instead, people can “like” your Facebook business page, which doesn’t require approval from you, so it is easier to get “likes” than get “friended.” (It requires less commitment on the “likers” part.) Facebook business accounts are harder to set up (since the advent of a new kind of coding for them began in March, 2011). They should not be treated like personal profiles. Many business people don’t understand the difference, and shoot themselves in the foot by creating their own personal profile for business use. For a…