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Small Business Marketing With New Customer Referrals Tool.

(PRWEB) March 17, 2004 Increase Your Small Business Sales By Maximizing Customer Referrals. Introducing KudosBoard: Small Business Marketing Through Friend Referrals The question most often asked by small business owners is “How do you market your business on a limited budget but with great results?”. The importance of finding the answer to this question can mean the difference between growing sales and gaining new customers or closing shop. The first thing that comes to mind for most small businesses is advertising on the Yellow Pages or on the local newspapers. While these are clearly necessary marketing channels, an option that most owners take for granted is Word Of Mouth Marketing. Most people already intuitively know that customer referrals are the greatest and most effective way that new customers are found. In fact, word of mouth marketing is typically responsible for 50% of your current new business. Knowing this, many small…

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Marketing Tactics of Professional Firms for Your Small Business

Professional Firm Marketing Tactics ?If you can afford to hire a professional firm to use marketing tactics to grow your business, then go for it. You may be like many small business owners who cannot afford those services, but could use a little guidance to do it yourself. Marketing is key to business development, and knowing what the professional firms do can help you formulate your own marketing plan to survive and thrive in business. Marketing Partnerships A professional firm may use marketing tactics, such as marketing partnerships, to get new customers interested in the products or services they promote. You leverage more marketing power when you join forces with others who offer related products and services. Some of the common marketing tactics you can use when you form a marketing partnership include: Co-written emails sent to mailing lists (it’s not necessary to share your lists) Joint advertisements on television…

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Using Web Forums and E-Mail Groups to Create an Online Presence for Your Home Business

Use the Internet to your advantage… When it comes to the Internet, there are just too many marketing areas and ways to mention. You could spend all of your time just using the Internet to market and never get through the whole thing. So, you need to know which areas of it will help you the most and where you are best spending your time. This part of my series will help you use a few of the under-utilized parts of the Internet to help your home business and you grow. One of the main areas that is often overlooked by home business owners are forums around the web that deal with topics that are related to your home business. For example, if your home business offers customized motorcycle parts for Harley’s, then you want to find some forums that are for Harley lovers. Not for business owners, not for…