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Posted by Jeff in Marketing

Importance of Email Marketing or Why to Send Bulk Emails

In this era of digital marketing where search engine optimization and social media marketing have already built up their significance, bulk email is also a very effective and more target oriented means of digital marketing. Bulk emails often referred as junk emails or spam as people consider it to be unsolicited, mass mails. But from marketing point of view bulk emailing is other name to e-mail marketing. Here one can ask- Do email marketing really leads to spamming? And the answer is a big NO if these mails are sent to only those persons who are subscribed to receive your marketing emails. Why e-mail Marketing? E-mail marketing, as the name implies, is the use of electronic mails to reach the potential clients, subscribers, customers or public venue. By sending such emails the senders tries to persuade and entice the potential customer to buy their services or products. These emails can…