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Posted by Jeff in Marketing

Google and Verizon’s Open Internet Framework: Not Open for Mobile Internet Users

An Explanation of Contradictory Principles Google has always fought openly for an open Internet and web surfing platform, while historical Verizon statements contradict and ?oppose an open Internet-especially for consumers paying higher premiums for preferential Internet speeds or advertisers paying to put their traffic above others. However, recent talks between the two giants over the Net Neutrality and open Internet issues make for an even more confusing debate-which has apparently offered a proposal for a solution: Only wired Internet users have the right to an Open Internet and the Net Neutrality principles; wireless Internet users, such as those with laptops and, more importantly, mobile phones, need not apply. Yes, this includes the BlackBerrys and iPhones of the world. Let’s look at the issue and try to figure out why Google and Verizon believe a distinction can be made between wired and wireless Internet, especially considering there is only one Internet-or…