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Posted by Jeff in Marketing

Crabby, Do you still hate Twitter? Not so much….

?Dear Crabby, You have dissed Twitter since Day ONE.? I have found it very handy in my job search.? In fact, I recommend it, and after reading your interview on your local site, with Cleo Parker, I found some other tips that helped a lot.? Do you still hate Twitter? Tweeting in Twoledo (Crabby, I thought you’d like that one) Dear Tweeting, Crabby does like that one.??? And, if anyone wants to see that interview, click CLEO.? There is some more logic in using Twitter in that interview, or if you email Crabby, I can put you in touch with Cleo. OK, Crabby must admit that he is liking Twitter more and has?succumbed to the craze; not completely, but?a twifle.? You still won’t find many tweets from Crabby, except about articles written.? But, if you don’t subscribe here (and even if you do, so please do),?you will get notice of…