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Posted by Jeff in Marketing

Blocking Certain Users From Seeing Your Profile: Twitter Privacy Tips

?In a world where everyone is connected and it seems like everyone has one or more social networking accounts, you might feel like you're always being watched. To a degree, we are always being watched. Millions of people have accounts on websites like Myspace, Twitter, and Facebook, and while they're great for making new friends and keeping up with existing ones. But what happens when we're too connected? How do you keep your privacy when these sites seem to do the opposite? We've heard the horror stories about people losing jobs over things that they've said on Facebook or Twitter. And I'm sure everyone has gotten into a bit of a social faux pas when they've said something about a person who might be following them. This article will explain this simple how to block a certain user from seeing my profile, and Twitter privacy tips. Why Can’t I Hide…