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Posted by Jeff in Marketing

Marketing Solutions – With a Thanks to Dale Carnegie

We have all heard about Dale Carnegie. His book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” has been the “go to” reference about interpersonal relationships and how to succeed with them for over seventy years. He spent his adult life as a teacher and speaker of salesmanship, influencing generations of business people. All marketing, whether it is by direct mail, print advertisements, audio or video presentations and of course web and social media marketing, has one goal in mind: success. That success can be in terms of monetary compensation, emotional fulfillment or industry recognition. Whatever the end result desired, success is the reason marketing solutions are designed. But what does Dale Carnegie have to do with today’s marketing solutions you might ask? The answers can be found in Mr. Carnegie’s book. Within the book there are four sections on how to influence people winningly. Within each are sub-sections detailing important…