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Posted by Jeff in Marketing

Dating Online: How to Webcam Chat

There’s an evolution in internet dating. It is going from the static and impersonal to the lively and interactive. You now can see and talk to your friend or prospective, almost as in real-life, without leaving your home. This article explains how to webcam chat. Basically, you can webcam chat with audio, using voice over internet protocol also known as VOIP, or by text. When chatting by text, you can see your chat-mate on your computer screen, but you cannot hear his/her voice. Though you don’t need a webcam to video chat, it is a useful tool because it allows the two of you to see each other, as opposed to only one party being able to see the other. To get started in live webcam chat you will need certain hardware and software, some of which you probably already have: 1. A computer with live video compatibility. Think later…