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Posted by Jeff in Marketing

Streaming Video – What Are The Options?

Video streaming is rapidly becoming the chosen vehicle for webmasters to get their message across to visitors much easier. Initially, the cost of video streaming put it out of reach of most people and as technology has advanced, the cost incurred for streaming videos has reduced. There are many different formats available to create streaming video with the most common formats being: 1. Adobe Flash (FLV) 2. Quicktime 3. RealMedia 4. Windows Media All formats have distinct advantages and disadvantages, with the ultimate decision coming down to personal preference. However, FLV has emerged as one of the strongest contenders in the video streaming market due to notable users such as Google Video, and YouTube. It isn’t only the large publishers who have favored FLV streaming, but thousands of smaller webmasters who have chosen FLV as their video streaming format. The simple reason is due to the lower cost and…