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Posted by Jeff in Marketing

Biz Global Media Announces Free Unlimited Mobile Marketing Key Words

This is a major breakthrough in the demonstration process of the BIZ Text Message Advertising System, states Al Krauza, President of Biz Global Media. Most business owners are not familiar with Mobile Marketing and explanations usually are confusing. Giving a prospect their own personal Key word and shortcode (example text BIZ to 82222) is a 60 second hands-on demonstration with a WOW factor that replaces 30 minutes of trying to explain the program. And as a follow up, the prospect will have a fully functional SMS back office to use totally FREE. This is a 99% deal closer Jim Ferras, BIZ Global Media CEO has designed this program to serve as the Mobile Marketing platform for a single Representative, who can purchase a package for as little as $49.95 to a full blown corporate package with 50 Key words and unlimited sub-key words, 20,000 / $5 World Wide Calling Pins…