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Small Business Marketing With New Customer Referrals Tool.

(PRWEB) March 17, 2004

Increase Your Small Business Sales By Maximizing Customer Referrals.

Introducing KudosBoard: Small Business Marketing Through Friend Referrals

SMS Marketing- Reach People Where They Dwell
by Jeff Newton Who could have thought that text messaging, which was generally the land of the pre-teens, would transform into something as useful and powerful as SMS marketing? In just a very short time, SMS (simple message service) has proven as being a proven alternative option to email marketing. Developing more and more popularity, it’s hard to find anybody who is not using text messages in one way or another. Why you ought to give SMS marketing a long look Without question, the main reason marketers are giving SMS a chance is due to how people are responding to texts. Reported by...

The question most often asked by small business owners is “How do you market your business on a limited budget but with great results?”. The importance of finding the answer to this question can mean the difference between growing sales and gaining new customers or closing shop.

The first thing that comes to mind for most small businesses is advertising on the Yellow Pages or on the local newspapers. While these are clearly necessary marketing channels, an option that most owners take for granted is Word Of Mouth Marketing. Most people already intuitively know that customer referrals are the greatest and most effective way that new customers are found.

In fact, word of mouth marketing is typically responsible for 50% of your current new business. Knowing this, many small business owners are now realizing how important it's to harness the power of their existing clients.

Importantly, why not provide your existing clients with the tools they need to recommend you to their friends even more effectively? Why not gather testimonials from as many of your past clients as you can. And finally, why not offer a donation reward to motivate referrals even more?

How can this be achieved? By implementing successful tools that enable your existing customer base –. Your greatest asset –. To recommend you to their friends and to provide you with testimonials for your small business. These tools allow you to implement a successful local word-of-mouth marketing campaign that gets your customers to do your advertising-for free. If you choose, you can also motivate referrals by offering a donation amount to the referrer's cause of choice!

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Genuosity's KudosBoard ( helps businesses automate customer referrals by providing the tools that their customers need to provide testimonials and to recommend them to friends.


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