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Should You Advertise on Twitter?


It’s hard to believe. There are still people who wonder what this Twitter fad is all about. For many people, the addition of Twitter is just one more social network site in a sea of so many. Ultimately, if you've Facebook, why do you need Twitter?

That's a good question and for the millions of people that use Facebook to connect with friends and family, there probably is no need to join up with Twitter. But what about a business? The Internet has made reaching out around the world such an easy task and with social networks in place, even easier than we ever could've imagined with that simple thing known as email. So if a business has a Facebook page, what'd be the point of joining Twitter?

There are many reasons for a business to not only join Twitter. To advertize on Twitter.

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Advertising on Twitter

So is there really a difference between Facebook and Twitter?

Yes and no. Yes, both sites are considered as part of the big surge of social networks that enticed teenagers and college students? everywhere. Yes, they're free to sign up for and can be accessed from just about anywhere, from computers, to email, to desktop applications (like TweetDeck) to having a little slice of your smartphone. Yes, they reach out to many people.

The interface for both sites is different — Twitter is more like a web interface for a quick text message. Messages or ‘tweets’. Come about in a real time fashion, with many tweets coming in just about every minute. Twitter is also a bit more conversational than that of Facebook. While you can have conversations via messages, Twitter can keep a conversation going with many people at the same time.

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