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Report: Along with Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo, Chatwing Adds Three More Social Media Login Methods

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 14, 2014

Social Media Marketing- The Best Way Of Marketing

Internet has changed the perspective of human beings. They see things in a different way now. Now for an American, India is not that far because of the fact that he/she can use Facebook, email, various application to contact his/her friend sitting in India. Internet has played a very significant role in upbringing the human life. The world was somewhat isolated when there was not internet. We were not able to know what is going in the opposite side of the world. But now we know the minute details of each and everything. This could only be possible with the...

With the addition of three more login options, the total methods a user can use to enter a Chatwing chatroom has jumped to nine. With this, thechat room software is much more flexible and has a much wider range of options for its users.

The importance of having more social media login options is tremendous for a chat app. For site owners, enabling these options will make it easier for them to decipher from which social media most of their audience are coming from. From that point of view, they can make up procedures to continue the steady flow of people logging in through that particular option. And with those options that are rarely used, they can think up of a solution for that problem.

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The option to use these social media login methods is still up to the user. One can activate or deactivate its usage, hereby limiting or giving the chatters the liberty to the usage these methods. However, aside from the said methods using different social media networks, the user still has the option to use Chatwing’s most basic method of joining in – the Chatwing and the Guest login method.

Aside from these, Chatwing chat software is further improving its other features to further compliment the chat software. This will, without a doubt, provide its users a better chatting experience.

Facebook Hotel Marketing, Bookings & Management for Hotel and Tourism Facebook Fans

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (PRWEB) July 06, 2011

AXSES Hotel & Tourism Marketing Platform launches a major upgrade to its Social Media Travel Marketing Application: arcResBookings for Facebook v5.

The new version, which was recently featured in a New York Times survey of Social Media Travel Marketing Solutions, incorporates more social media options with the latest Facebook changes, making it easier for hotels and travel companies to set up Fan pages, offer travel shopping services and to manage brand content on Facebook and Social Media.

This Travel Marketing and Content Management App. is for independent hotels, bed and...

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