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Real Estate Marketing Website for Real Estate Agents Receives New Design

Chicago, Illinois (PRWEB) October 15, 2012

Real estate marketing is one area that can be difficult when selling properties. Some agencies rely on third party marketing companies to promote properties due to the complexities involved. One website has been redesigned visually and with new content to help real estate professionals get help marketing properties online. The website now has more resources available online to help agents, brokers and investors that are trying to connect with buyers online.

Developing A Strategy For Real Estate Mobile Marketing

Realtors are constantly seeking new ways to control business costs, in a slow market. Placing print advertisements, and printing up fliers to leave at listings, may eat a sizable portion of a realtor's budget. Fortunately, real estate mobile marketing, as part of an overall digital strategy, provides a no-paper, low-cost avenue for reaching potential clients. This type of marketing also helps realtors to be more proactive with advertising, rather than reactive.
Mobile marketing is defined as communicating with customers via a mobile device. This capability appeals to a clientele that is rapidly growing more technologically sophisticated. Realtors who...

Real estate marketing surveys are conducted frequently by market research firms. Some of this data collected reveals the buying patterns of homeowners and investors in real estate. Companies like Zillow report this data that's useful for comparing buying trends.

One part of the recent survey data has revealed that more people are now going on the Internet to search for properties in a local area. This compared with the frequent shifts to the Google search engine data is complicating the search ranking process. The How to Market Houses website includes helpful information to master marketing properties online.

The growth of cell phone usage is one area that's helped the real estate industry. The ease of accessing homeowner data, market rates and approximate directions has helped simplify the work of agents. One area that's grown along with cell phone usage is the mobile applications industry. There are thousands of free and premium mobile apps that can be integrated into a real estate marketing campaign.

Imagery and Words In Real Estate Postcards Marketing

If your real estate postcards marketing is in dire need of rehabilitation, make sure you know what is wrong first before jumping the gun. The industry is rife with competitors who simply let high-end firms take care of marketing and branding. 

When it comes to postcards marketing, real estate marketing firms often adhere to the following mantra:


Part of the new content available from the website includes helping real estate professionals learn mobile marketing strategies.

Social media is one area that's helping to connect more buyers with sellers of properties online. Some real estate agencies have integrated social media into a current real estate website. The How to Market Houses website now includes sections that teach social media building strategies. These strategies are taught by Ryan Bush, a social media and real estate expert, entirely online through

“Social media is a great way to build a list of qualified buyers,” said Ryan Bush. “it's most effective when it's used properly to grow and brand a real estate professional online,” Bush added.

Advertising and Marketing Commercial Real Estate

When you first get the opportunity to quote or list a commercial property, it is the marketing of the property that will be high on the agenda for the client. So just how will the message get to the target audience of buyers who could purchase the property? Providing that the target market for your property is not special and narrow, the marketing program will follow some key strategies and elements. Here are some comments for you to consider.

1. Internet Listing: As all of us will know, the internet is the most effective way of promoting the commercial...

The new design features, content and premium section is now accessible from the website.

About How to Market Houses

Real estate resources for increasing online sales of real estate is the core of the How to Market Houses website. This expert website is owned and operated by successful real estate entrepreneurs that provide free and premium training to real estate entrepreneurs online. The helpful tips, tricks and up-to-date advice are designed to help those transitioning from offline sales to learning the key aspects of Internet marketing for real estate. The premium section of the How to Market Houses website includes continuously updated strategies to mimic success in current market conditions.


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