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Need To Know How To Convert Youtube To AVI?

People who enjoy music videos may want to know how to convert youtube to avi format. And this is only because we can now download youtube files into our computers.

Sometime ago, you may not have been able to download youtube into a drive. This was very depressing, because we all love music videos, not only by celebrities but by ordinary people too. Sometimes, we can?t just help but admire their creativity, which makes us want to watch them every now and then.

Unfortunately, even internet connections may have their own moments too. Sometimes, they don't work so well and would keep on buffering while you're watching your favorite video. Because of this, users dreamed of being able to get access to them directly from their pc even without the internet.

Now, we can easily download and upload video files from this cool site. But, nevertheless, another problem came too. But, this problem can actually be encountered by newbies or new users of the site.

The truth is, there are just so many things that you can do and get from youtube. You can watch the live videos of a concert that you missed, see old music videos and even get back to some news clippings. Additionally, you may even have some idea on how to make your own video, cook a special dish or use specific program.

Of course, these videos may not play in everybody?s media player. For this reason you'll need to learn how to convert youtube to avi. And this is because avi is a widely accepted video format, not only for computers for other devices too.

So, here is how to convert youtube to avi:

1. Get a copy of youtube downloader. Of course, you can just save any video into your pc without the use of a program. For this, it's important that you search and install the program needed for this type of download.

2. Download the FLV file. You can choose in the wide selection shared by different people from all over the globe. All you've to do is type the keyword, key phrase or whatever search words you want to use.

As you download youtube file, you?ll find out that it's saved under FLV format. Although some players may play them, there are still some that wouldn?t. Moreover, you might even have to search and install codec into your gadget which could eat up your time.

3. Now, that you've the copy of the file on you computer, it's time to convert them into another format. With the use of youtube downloader, you can easily convert the file into different formats.

This program has different conversion option. All you've to is to access the downloaded file and choose the conversion option of the program. In fact, the program is so easy to use and offers different options.

Now, that you've the file in avi, it'll be much easier for you to transform it into different forms. With use of some programs like avi to 3gp converter, flv to mpeg converter or wmv to mpeg converter, you'll enjoy any video file anywhere you go.

Moreover, aside from learning how to convert youtube to avi, you may also learn how to convert dvd to avi or vcd to vcd.


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