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Mobile Makes the World Go Flat!

by Jeff Newton

Everything comes full circle, even web design. You mightn't have seen it yet. There’s a new trend in town. Its name is flat web design. It’s capturing the industry. The thing is it’s actually existed since Microsoft unveiled it in 2006.

GraphicMail Announces New, Fully Responsive Email Newsletter Creator

Miami, Florida (PRWEB) April 30, 2014

GraphicMail is rolling out their new, fully responsive Email Creator. The company’s core services being creation, sending and analysis of email newsletters, their focus is set on making sure email flyers and newsletters render well on tablet and mobile screens.

The majority of their clients see their email newsletters opened on more mobile devices than ever before. A trend that is only on the increase, according to the group’s CTO Ernie Retief. “The US Consumer Device Preference Report stated in January this year, that 65% of all emails were opened on...

So why's a design “flat”?

Flat design is seen as simple, bright solid colors, plenty of white space, plus the lack of drop shadows, gradients. Textures that were a major element of a web designer’s arsenal for a while now. Often typography plays a leading role in flat web design. Flat web design is a “smooth” solution whose aim is to eliminate as many decorative elements of a “3D” type look as is feasible.

So why the change from 3D to flat design?

The reason making the most sense is that designers find it harder and harder to cram all the elements of a 3D design into a world full of mobile screens. The 4 inch limitations placed on this have made moving to a simpler, more compact and functional user experience right out of the gate. This combined with making pages load faster. Have far more responsiveness is vital in a mobile world where seconds count.

Trend or is flat web design here to stay?

The jury remains out on that. The reality is if it's a trend, parts of it may be difficult to dismiss quickly. Apple is rumored to be considering a flat design for the next operating system, the iOS7. If it does turn out to be a fad, the simplicity and user-friendly functionality of flat web design might give it a lengthier shelf life than you may think!

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