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Marketing Solutions – With a Thanks to Dale Carnegie

We've all heard about Dale Carnegie. His book “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. Has been the “go to”. Reference about interpersonal relationships and how to succeed with them for over seventy years. He spent his adult life as a teacher and speaker of salesmanship, influencing generations of business people.

All marketing, whether it's by direct mail, print advertisements, audio or video presentations and of course web and social media marketing, has one goal in mind: success. That success can be in terms of monetary compensation, emotional fulfillment or industry recognition. Whatever the end result desired, success is the reason marketing solutions are designed.

But what does Dale Carnegie have to do with today’s marketing solutions you might ask?

The answers can be found in Mr. Carnegie’s book.

What not to Do on Facebook
by Jeff Newton For you fans of “Kitchen Nightmares” starring Gordon Ramsey, you must still be reveling in the social brouhaha that exploded following an episode in early May. Owners Amy and Samy Bouzaglo of Amy’s Baking Company in Scottsdale, Ariz. didn’t feel it was enough to merely pooh-pooh the advice offered by the usually outspoken Ramsey, but took to their Facebook page to defend themselves against the huge number of Reddit commenters who descended upon their page. The threads on their page contain more than 45,000 comments at last count. What followed was an object lesson in what NOT to...

Within the book there are four sections on how to influence people winningly. Within each are sub-sections detailing important guidelines in the quest for success. Let us take part of each section and find out how Dale Carnegie may have been the ultimate marketing solutions guru.

1. “Talk in terms of the other person’s interests”

In a marketing campaign, if you've not listened to what the needs of your clients actually are, you've hit your first roadblock. Producing the ultimate air conditioning unit in the state of Alaska isn’t going to result in a lot of sales when the demand is for heaters. Find out what you can do to help your customers and answer their needs. If they like what they find, they'll spread the word.

2. “Arouse in the other person an eager want”

In order to steer someone toward your goal, you've to capture their interest. Is your product or service something innovative? Use catchphrases that peak a person’s interest in finding out more. Is your merchandise more affordable than the competition? Show comparison information with the details. Do your services offer customers variable solutions? Offer free consultations so you can explain everything in detail based upon each person’s needs. The marketing options can be endless if you but think outside the box.

3. “Throw down a challenge”

Most successful marketing solutions are from businesses that have shown if you don’t use/buy/have their product or service, you'll be losing out: big time. No one wants to be left out. Businesses that challenge their prospective customers into taking the next step toward getting what you've to offer will continue to move forward.

4. “Make the other person happy about doing the thing you suggest”

If your marketing campaign has followed steps 1 through 3, you're now at your final hurdle. The end is near and you can see your goal within reach. How then does a business decimate that boulder in their path? Make sure that every part of the marketing solution gave the customer the satisfaction of knowing they did the right thing. Don't skimp when it comes to doing things well. The old adage of “a dollar saved is a dollar earned”. doesn't apply in this instance.

Along each path that's chosen in a marketing campaign, there are roadblocks that attempt to keep us from that ultimate goal. Some may see these roadblocks as failures. Other would look at them and see opportunities for change. Whichever way it's looked at, there is a way to remove what stands in the way, ultimately resulting in reaching that elusive goal. that's what marketing solutions are about.

Whether you accomplish the goal of success in your first marketing campaign or your tenth, try to see each of them as an opportunity. An opportunity to learn what works and what doesn't. Learn…adjust…conquer.

Think about what Dale Carnegie himself had to say:

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all”

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