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List Building?Using Offline Sources For List Success

Many Internet Marketers really miss out on opportunity to grow their list because they only market to individuals online. They feel that the internet is the only way for them to market their online business. that's completely not true. The offline world is alive and they're responsive. The mail order business was around before the internet and they're still around today thriving. So if you were to balance your online marketing and offline marketing you'll find that you'll generate more exposure then just using one or the other.

In my marketing I use simple methods to reach people who I know are candidates for my products that may not be looking for information online yet. They may not even know they want what I've until they see a print add or a business card. After viewing my ad then they may think to themselves ?that sounds interesting Let me take a look?.

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Marketing offline in this way can give you a jump on your competition because they may only be marketing online. they're missing the prospect that isn't yet looking online. So when they see your ad you're the only person they know and they're apt to go to you first.

Another benefit to marketing offline is that some of your current list may not open their email. And if you've a special promotion or a service to offer they may not get to know about it unless you were to use a method of contacting them offline. Many smart marketers do this. For instance one list that I belonged to would send out a voice blast to my phone to remind me of a conference call they were sponsoring and they'd leave the message on my voice mail. Now if they'd've only sent an email I'd not have received it or paid attention to it. So by sending out offline marketing they filled their phone lines and received more listeners then if they'd've just emailed their list.

There are many cost effective ways of using offline marketing to build your list. The simplest that's the largest reach is to run tiny classified ads that'll point people to how they can get more information either for free or at a cost.

A second way you can and should direct people to your site is to always have business cards with a strong headline directing people to your site with a benefit of why they should go there.

Lets not forget the importance of signage I?ve placed signs that say ?Need extra income? Free report tells how go to www.? The response I get from that's incredible.

The last way I'll mention is the real estate on the back of your car. Even if you drive a Mercedes Benz a tactfully small website address will get peoples attention especially if the site tells a little of what it's about in the address.

Using these techniques will drive many offline individuals online sometimes just out of curiosity. Once there it's up to you to convert them through your sales page and or squeeze page.

Clearly offline marketing isn't dead, you can reach a huge segment of subscribers by meeting them offline. If you don't make an effort to marketing both offline and online you're throwing away tons of prospective subscribers and possibly even more money.

So be creative and don?t neglect the benefit that off line marketing has on your List Building endeavors.


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