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Lady Gaga's Poker Face Lyrics Invade Poker World, Says Always Bluff

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) March 12, 2009

Always Bluff, the inside voice of poker, stated glam-rock has never been this pretty as doe-eyed, bad girl Lady Gaga's sudden rise from the clubs of Manhattan to radio-saturated dance pop has hit a nerve with listeners, invading the poker world with her poker face lyrics. And it's an '80s redux, baby!

About Gaga's latest hit, “Poker Face,”. Paul Nobles of said: “This song solidifies her it-girl status by appearing near the top of iTunes'. Downloads. It's spawned a tongue-in-cheek theme song for the unsuspecting poker world with saucy poker face lyrics that equate the sport with seduction: 'I wanna hold em'. Like they do in Texas Plays/ Fold em'. Let em'. Hit me raise it baby stay with me.'. I love it.”

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Additionally, Always Bluff hailed the mindless poker face lyrics and up-tempo fun –. Not a bad thing in today's economy –. Which harkens back to a time when it was still okay to take a few risks to get what you want. The accompanying video, stated Always Bluff, is just as escapist and ridiculous, a cross between a Calvin Klein perfume commercial from 1985 and a cyborg convention.

“Poker is an escape, a good time. It holds a special place for people,”. Said Nobles. “It reminds them of being out at their cabin in the summer or of hanging out with good friends. This song and its poker face lyrics really tap into that happy, nostalgic emotion.

“Gaga's petite platinum blonde image wrapped in Technicolor latex outfits is in clear homage to an era of synthesizers, geometric hairstyles and green-fluorescent lipstick. She's a cross between Blondie and Gwen Stefani –. Simultaneously a throwback to punk-pop and a fast-forward to glossy girl-power dance music.

“As for launching a pro-poker campaign, nobody's more surprised (and perhaps flattered) than the hard, high rolling players themselves. When first hearing the song, I thought poker players would react negative. As it turned out, reaction to her poker face lyrics was quite positive. People were even instant messaging me with its link on YouTube.”.

“Though some may argue that Gaga is more image than talent, there's no denying that the girl's got some chops –. Drawing comparisons (in a Single White Female way) to Christina Aguilera. Her beats meet the criteria of radio-friendly infectious. Her poker face lyrics are at times nonsensical and in some cases, little more than cooing and stuttering. But she's everyone's guilty-pleasure du jour.”

Signed to Interscope Records, Gaga's The Fame, has spawned two hit singles, “Just Dance”. “Poker Face”, the former of which was nominated for a Grammy Award. “Not bad for a girl from Yonkers who started writing catchy songs for the Pussycat Dolls, among others, at the tender age of 20. And with poker face lyrics like, 'I wanna roll with him a hard pair we'll be/A little gambling is fun when you're with me,'. Gaga's a far cry from Kenny Rogers'. 'Know when to fold 'em'. Gambler. This girl's got her eyes on the prize. We can only hope she isn't bluffing,”. Said Nobles.

Always Bluff, the inside voice of poker, isn't afraid to hurt feelings or offend with its commentary. Get the straight dirt without filters and a little spice about the lifestyles of poker players and occasionally poker news that's worth covering.

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