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iPhone Mobile Ringtones

Apple has been widely known for developing newer systems and software to tap the unconventional section of the masses. One recent initiative taken has been in respect of more than just personalizing the mobile phone ringtones for their iPhone. Giving it’s users a complete new experience with unique authority in terms of it’s price, usage and ownership.

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All iTunes users are now provided with the privilege to customize the original music tracks or universal tracks such that they can create their own ringtones for their iPhones. With this facility, the iPhone is equipped with the iTunes ringtone maker that facilitates its users to make a choice from more than half million songs available through the iTunes Library or Store.

The users can then buy any song from the song library for not more than 99 cents marked with a bell that indicates if a song can be converted into a ringtone for the iPhone. After making the purchase, the sound track can be played at full length and the user of iPhone can voluntarily create his own ringtone by cutting a portion of the song. Adding special effects to it, such as fade in and fade out.

It should be kept in mind, however, if the desired ringtone is of maximum 30 seconds and that it can be easily uploaded on the iPhone to be used as a ringtone. Such kind of ringtones are also referred to as custom-made ringtones that requires another 99 cents to be availed, which makes the total cost of an iPhone ringtone to be equal to $1.98. While other mobile ringtones providers charge $2.49 per ringtone for mobile phones, Apple is comparatively cheaper. Using a custom-made ringtone also requires the user to sync the iPhone with the system.

In the wake of ambiguity amongst the industry experts about the cost effectiveness and viability of custom-made ringtones, users doesn't seem to show much inclination towards these ringtones for their iPhones, arguing that they've already paid for the sound track once which is why these tracks exist in their library already. Many rumors have been around the industry regarding the legality of playing sound tracks on the iPhone or simply downloading it manually on the iPod. While these rumors are on the move, Apple might come up with another marketing strategy in sync with the customers’. Requirements.

On the other hand, Apple is also trying to block custom ringtones for iPhone but with an updated version, such that custom ringtones can be added to the iPhone mobile phone. Though officially, the user will be required to purchase songs from the iTunes costing him an extra 99 cents, Apple has now introduced updates for the iPhone that'll block the third party tools from uploading custom ringtones onto the iPhone.

Initially, users complained that after the installation of iTunes 7.4.1 version, previous methods wouldn't work. This problem seemed to exist for sometime but custom solutions bypasses the updated versions so that free custom ringtones can be added on the iPhone. iToner by Ambrosia Software have already been updated to work in coordination with the latest update available to the iPhone.

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