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Introducing ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing: A Retail-Focused Answer to the Complicated World of Online Advertising


Corporation (NYSE:ECOM), a leading provider of cloud-based e-commerce

solutions that enable retailers and manufacturers to increase global

sales, today announced the launch of its new Digital Marketing solution.

ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing integrates ChannelAdvisor’s

industry-leading feed management and bid management capabilities,

including paid search campaigns, Google Product Listing Ads and other

advertising channels, from affiliate marketing to social media. The

introduction of Google Shopping in 2012 changed the game for retailers

and brands, requiring more sophisticated campaign management. As a

result, ChannelAdvisor’s new, enhanced solution is a necessity for

online retailers looking to properly manage cross-channel initiatives.

“Having worked with retailers and manufacturers for over a decade, we’ve

seen the digital marketing space explode in complexity,” said

ChannelAdvisor President and Chief Operating Officer David Spitz. “To

stay ahead, retailers need precise and real-time linkage between their

products, campaigns, tracking. Optimization across more channels

than ever. ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing brings all of these

capabilities together on a single, integrated platform, giving our

customers a strategic competitive advantage.”

ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing is designed to maximize sales while

minimizing spend. It includes features unique to product-centric

marketing to enable optimal management of campaigns, including Google

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Product Listing Ads, comparison shopping engines, Inventory-Driven

Search, product-level reporting and more, such as:

  • Integrated price, quantity and bidding to make it easier, more

    efficient and more effective to manage disparate advertising channels

  • Cross-device conversion tracking to best manage mobile traffic and

    measure it against traffic from PCs and tablets

  • Automation of complex, time-consuming tasks such as keyword

    generation, data transformation, seasonal bid adjustment and overall

    bid management

  • Actionable Retail Insights—ChannelAdvisor’s array of analytics and

    reporting—to ensure qualified traffic to retailers’ websites through:

    • Cross-channel reporting for correlations

    • SKU-level reporting for granular-level performance

    • Attribution and assist tracking

    • Competition Watch for insights into competitors’ ads and positions

  • The ability to easily insert products and brands into the conversation

    on social media sites such as Pinterest and Facebook

  • Flexibility and control for retailers to manage campaigns internally

    or outsource to ChannelAdvisor’s team of Managed Services experts

“Before, we'd one person managing our shopping feeds and mobile ads,

another person managing our display ads and retargeting. Yet another

managing our paid search campaigns. Having all these moving pieces made

it incredibly difficult to compare performance on these channels,

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determine where to invest further or pull back. Sync quantity and

promotions across advertising channels,” said Mobile Karma Vice

President of E-Commerce Woody Anderson. “Now, using ChannelAdvisor

Digital Marketing, this is all integrated under one umbrella, creating

efficiencies and economies of scale, providing data to easily track

clicks and assists. Enabling us to use that data to increase quality

traffic and conversions.”

ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing allows sellers to get their products

front and center on global, local or mobile search engine results pages

through Google Product Listing Ads, paid search and comparison shopping

engines. Digital Marketing employs Flex Feed technology. Advertisers

can easily explore additional feed-based destinations such as

retargeting providers and affiliate networks as well as benefit from SKU

level performance reporting across those programs. Once traffic hits

sellers’ websites, ChannelAdvisor can help improve the buyer experience

and optimize the path to conversion. Finally, Digital Marketing inserts

retailers’ products into the conversation on social media as consumers

discover and discuss products via sites such as Pinterest and Facebook.

ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing joins ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces,

Webstores Amplifier and Rich Media to complete the ChannelAdvisor

platform. Through this platform, ChannelAdvisor offers retailers and

manufacturers leading cloud-based solutions to efficiently automate and

manage the online selling process across multiple channels, including

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third-party marketplaces and digital marketing channels such as paid

search and comparison shopping engines. Through a single inventory feed,

ChannelAdvisor customers can manage their overall online selling

process, from listing to order management, from one platform. By

eliminating the tedious tasks of optimizing online listings and

analyzing performance, ChannelAdvisor enables sellers to increase sales

and successfully scale their e-commerce businesses.

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ChannelAdvisor (NYSE: ECOM) is a leading provider of cloud-based

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